Happy House - Watamu, Kenya

Next Steps Childcare is working in partnership with The Happy House Children’s Project in Watamu Kenya

Please give generously and make the difference to these little orphans.

All donations we collect are sent directly to Sue Hayward in Kenya for the children in her care.

Here is their story :-

Happy House Logo

Children of Watamu (UK registered: 1098731)

The Happy House …helping a child to smile again

A dream came true for Sue Hayward, a former Blackpool hotelier and founder of the charity Children of Watamu (UK registered charity 1098731), when in March 2010 she opened her Happy House Children's Home in Watamu, Kenya.

The Happy House is now, in August 2012, home to 58 orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused children aged from a few months to 15. Our children come from an area where so many families live in dire poverty and where many die from HIV Aids, Malaria and other diseases. Death in childbirth is commonplace. Many, many children are left to fend for themselves and we know that few, if any, of our children would have survived into their teens left where they were.


At the Happy House they find safety, love and family - nurtured and nourished.

They are looked after by local women trained as housemums and aunties plus we have an excellent full-time social worker, Uncle Billy, and support staff including cook, gardeners, security, cleaners etc.

Sue - Mama Sue to the family - manages the entire operation with her small admin team.

In January 2011 the charity opened a nursery school at the Happy House, attended by our younger children, introducing new teaching methods which are bring amazing results. It is now in the process of adding a primary school, as and when funds allow .The school takes children from the local business community, as fee paying pupils, to support the school, thus providing them with an excellence of education at an affordable price.

This small charity is doing remarkable work and is entirely dependent on fundraising and donations, and on its uniquely personal child sponsorship scheme. The only people paid are those local people employed at the Happy House

Head housemum with David

A postcard for Pendo

New friends are always needed to help with fundraising, raising awareness and to join our unique person child sponsorship scheme.

The charity website is http://www.childrenofwatamu.net.

This video is a moving account of Sue's extraordinary work

There is a blog "latest news" on the website which is updated daily, which can also be found on Facebook.