Cuddly Koalas - Baby Room

Cuddly Koala on branchOur Baby Room is open for full day care from 8.00 am - 6.00 pm

Looking after babies is a specialised skilled job. A parent leaving their infant with an Early Years Professional needs to feel confident that their baby will be well looked after, happy, safe and secure in a comfortable environment within a cosy setting.  Each child is appointed a key carer who will discuss your child's development with you on a daily basis.

At Next Steps the babies have the use of two rooms, the first room is a large room full of natural light, a bright stimulating space filled with colourful, exciting and age appropriate toys, giving them the opportunity to explore in a safe environment.

The second room is a sleep room and sensory area, designed to instil calm and relaxation.

Baby Sleeps on moon

A small kitchen is attached to the baby room, in which we store the babies' feeds for use throughout the day.  All baby equipment is labelled and stored correctly, in your child's own named basket.

Next Steps will also provide your baby with home cooked meals appropriate for their stage of development All children develop at different rates and the team in the baby room are trained to recognise which stage your child is at and are able to respond to and encourage the babies in their individual ways.

All progress is monitored and recorded using the our "Busy Day" book which you receive upon enrolment. Here you can note down any instructions and what is happening at home, and we will update the Busy Day book daily, recording feeds/nappy changes and general issues.

Most importantly, the baby room team will ensure that your baby gets lots of attention and cuddles, and their physical needs are attended to at all times.

Stork with new baby